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Another 'Expert', only I'm not

January 2011

The Followback Conundrum

To followback or not to followback? THAT is the question!
I saw the following tweet today from someone I follow:
"You may be a "guru" or a "sweetheart" but sorry I only f#ollow those that#followbackothers!#RockTheReTweet"
Essentially, they're telling people they'll only follow you if you follow them back.
Well, it's a free country, and there are no Twitter rules that state that people can't place their own criteria for who to follow. But I have a problem with people who do this.

Fear or Ignorance?

We've all seen the headlines for news articles and blog posts. "The social media revolution is here!" "Who is managing your online community?" Or the more generic, but for social media newbies in corporate leadership a possibly more frightening "Are you failing at social media? No one likes the word 'failing'.
The result sometimes turns out to be companies that rush to get engaged, but who do not want to take the time and/or cost to properly research, recruit, and hire staff who are truly knowledgeable at handling social media and community management.

New Beginnings

Better late than never, right?
Beginning my own blog has been on my mind for some time, but due a set of unfortunate personal circumstances, it had to be delayed for a while. Well it's a new year, and there's no time like the present.
What will this blog be about? Well, I'm glad you asked (I asked for you, in case you didn't). My professional focus is nonprofit, integrated multi-channel marketing and communications, so I guess it'll be about that stuff. I'm currently working as a social media specialist for a nonprofit, so there'll be a social media focus, at least for now.
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