Is Facebook driving users to Google+?
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Is Facebook driving users to Google+?

Facebook's new changes announcement at f8 are old news to most of us in social/
interactive media, but many of the changes have not yet been seen by the vast majority of users (primarily the Timeline). What will happen once they are?
Googleplus_facebookIn a post a couple of months ago, I outlined three reasons why I thought Google+ would fail. Chief among these was that I felt the vast majority of users wouldn't migrate from Facebook to Google+ without very good reason. What reasons might drive vast numbers of users from one platform to another? Well, here are a couple of ideas:
  1. Facebook goes out of business or irrevocably "breaks"
  2. All their friends move from Facebook to Google+
  3. Facebook changes in ways that make the user experience untenably difficult for most users
The first one is highly unlikely in the foreseeable future. The second one won't happen in a vacuum, but could be driven by another factor, such as the third point. And here's where I ask, is Facebook going to drive users to Google+?
"The only thing that remains constant is change." It's a famous quote, and most users of Facebook have gotten accustomed to it being the epitomy of this statement. But I wonder if at some point the changes will become a tipping point.
In my own experience, only one of my 200+ Facebook friends was on Google+ the first few months. When then changes to Facebook were announced, two more friends moved. That's hardly a dramatic shift. But when the changes go live, will I see a larger migration, or will they, along with the three friends currently on G+, continue to primarily use Facebook (as is the case now)? Will they grudgingly accept the changes, complaining but not irritated enough to finally give it up? Or will this be the catalyst that sends a significantly large population of users from Facebook over to try Google+?
What do you think - will Facebook actually end up driving users to Google+?
PS. For my money, I don't think so. I still think most Facebook users will stay put.

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